Fundraising & 


We're in Post-Production!​

Our short film is with our editor, but in the meantime, you can still help our film! We're still raising funds to complete post-production, submit to festivals, and to pay off production loans!

To do this, we've got some amazing perks to bring to you! Royal Themed Photoshoots. Afternoon tea with the Duchess and friends. Tiaras. A night out seeing local theater!

All in the name of fundraising for our film! 

Learn more about the perks and services we're offering in return for a contribution! 

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Paying our Editor, Composer, Sound mixer, etc.


Festival submission & travel.


paying off costs incurred, including:

~ $$1,426food for crew for 4 days

~ $3,500  camera purchases & lens                      rentals

~ $900     light rental

~ $$1,150  digital storage& backup

How Funds will be used

There are still many costs coming up , as well as costs incurred. Our Post-production costs include paying our editor, sound mixer, color corrector, and composer. After that, we would love to submit this film to festivals!


Part of our financing came through loans, and in order for The Duchess to fulfill her mission of truly giving back to the community, it is of her utmost importance to pay down these debts so that future funds can go towards giving back to her community.

The unfortunate reality of shorts is that they will not make money back. They are labors of love, and they also serve important goals, depending on the filmmaker. For Studio Vosges, and for the Duchess, this was a chance to showcase Atlanta talent, and to create a character that lends itself to future projects (hint hint: a feature film, which most definitely can make money!)

We filmmakers go into making most shorts knowing the return on investments is not recouped on shorts, but on future projects. However, if our viewers and audience enjoy our product and feels inclined to support, we greatly appreciate any support given!.

choose your perk in return for your generous donation!

We are very proud of the crowdfunding campaign that we ran on  Seed & Spark in the fall of 2019. Our primary goal was to raise enough to pay our behind the camera crew

We were able to raise $5,215, and every single dollar of that went to paying our crew!




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