Jasmine Waters



Jasmine Waters will be portraying Roberta in The Duchess of Grant Park.

Roberta appears at a speech that the Duchess gives, and is skeptical about the Duchess being a duchess. She finds a like-mind in James, who is working on a documentary about the Duchess but also skeptical about her dubious claims.


Jasmine Waters is an actor, comic, and writer in Atlanta. Jasmine likes evaluating serious topics through comedy, performing sketch, and acting on stage and in film.


Jasmine has appeared in the short Bad Day and the web series Vera's Workplace Sensitivity Training.


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She has worked with the group Critical Crop Top, performing and writing in their sketch shows. More recently, she's branched out and partnered with Hillary Heath to create Petty Posse Productions, who produces Black AF sketch shows as well as the podcast While We Were Drinking. She's currently working on the final edits of an upcoming web-series.


Jasmine believes that films such as the Duchess provide people with the opportunity to engage in important conversations, and she is looking forward to hearing what discussions emerge