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Naomi (Jogger)

Meet cast member Melissa Kunnap, playing Naomi the Jogger. Naomi is an acolyte of the Duchess, and when James runs into her in the park she is more than knowledgeable about who the Duchess is and what she’s doing with the group she’s with!


Melissa Kunnap is an Atlanta based actor, writer, and director. You can catch her in The Evil Inside Her currently streaming on Amazon Video. 

Melissa's passion for film has expanded from in-front of the camera to behind it as well. She's directed two shorts, The Stain and Feast, which won Best Regional Short at the Women In Horror Film Festival. She is also preparing for an experimental horror short, Torn Together, about three people who are torn apart by two parts of their identities.

Her main goal with filmmaking is showcasing the beauty of diversity.