Meet Nicole Kemper, playing Lisa in The Duchess of Grant Park. Lisa is an enthusiastic fan of the Duchess, and when her husband James mentions he's been assigned to work on a documentary about her, Lisa is more than enthused!

Nicole studied acting at Emory University where she received her BA in Theatre Studies. She has continued to act locally in the Atlanta film and theater community as well as work behind the camera after receiving her MFA in Directing for Film and Video from Columbia College Chicago.


In 2016, she co-founded the comedy company Critical Crop Top, and has directed and performed in films like War on Christmas. She is a producer and co-host of The Feminine Mistake Podcast, and more recently the Georgia Made Podcast.


She has edited numerous projects, including the web series The Mother Load, Vera’s Workplace Sensitivity, and Margo and the Universe, as well as shorts such as Feast, Bad Day and Dick Pic Professional