I’ve gone back and forth on what should be the first #musicmonday song. Should it be Lizzo, who’s doing us all a favor in preaching the gospel of #selfcare and #selflove? Should it be the current album I’m listening to?

And then I thought back to December of 2017. When I first heard this song in the theater, I bawled. I went again with friends just to hear her sing it again on the big screen. Keala Settle as Lettie Lutz does just a phenomenal job in conveying and embodying the emotion of the song.

“This Is Me,” helped me with my body dysphoria. In trans people it’s almost a given; never feeling comfortable or liking your own body. But here she was, the Bearded Lady. And she was beautiful. And if she could learn to love and embrace herself, then I could too.

The heart of The Duchess of Grant Park is self-care, and that means learning to love yourself exactly as you are, and accepting nothing less from anyone else. And to also tell the world, “This Is Me. Look out, cause here I come!"

#musicmonday #loveyourself #selfcare #duchessofgrantpark #haveyouseentheduchess #youarebeautiful #transisbeautiful

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