While it is true that yesterday was Monday, it was a particularly brutal Monday, that I won’t bore you with the details but long story short I had to treat myself with 5 fried shrimp tacos from Mezcalitos.

This weekend we wrapped on principal photography for The Duchess of Grant Park. And I will update you all even more than this belated #MusicMonday post. But let me just take a minute with this song. Because, of course, I contemplated using @Lizzo and her gospel.

While Eddie and I were in St. George over the holidays, I came across a video. It was from 2015 or so and was during that spell in Taylor Swift's life where she invited all these amazing performers on stage. Ms. Swift sang the first verse and chorus. And then she came out. Ms. Blige has been in the business and has worked hard to get where she is. I remember reading about what performing does for her. How some mistook that thrill as being induced by other substances. No, what it is is tapping into some otherworldly spiritualness that connects. It is tapping into the power of art and expression.

Mary J. Blige’s song, Doubt, came at just the right moment in my hero’s journey. I think quite a few of us have had experience with doubt. Specifically, in doubting ourselves. This project, The Duchess of Grant Park, has been full of doubts for me from the very first moment. Forming a production company, being a producer, putting together a production of what seems like a large magnitude, and oh so many more. I’m not going to count the number of breakdowns I’ve had along the way, but there have been many. Doubt has been my constant companion on this project.

And then, this song. When I finally had a moment to listen to it in solitude, with all of my own self-doubt about my capabilities towards this project swirling around me, I released. I cried again, but this time it felt like I was crying on Ms. Blige’s lap.

I’m not going to spoil the song by trying to be witty with the lyrics. But, if you are going through a moment of self-doubt, put on your crown and take a listen.

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