#MusicMonday 22-October-19

We now have tow traditions - #MusicMonday appearing on Tuesday, and again I should have chosen Lizzo, the #queen of #selfcare, but here we are.

This #MusicMonday is inspired by my all-time favorite movie. I know there are problematic issues with the story. But whatever, we're gonna have cheese fries. This song comes from a movie where, if you've ever met me you'll know that I tell a very inspiring story of choices. Of having to choose, on a cold fall morning, between getting the VHS copy of The Little Mermaid or a digital watch that had these cool buttons. We all know who won that battle. And we all know that I then proceeded to drive my parents crazy by watching it on repeat.

As a young 4-year-old, I knew a couple of things about myself. Number one that Prince Eric would remain my number one crush for a long time. And that number two, I wanted the power to transform. Something about me just always felt different. Outside. A longing to be part of the common world. And perhaps that's just a common feeling for most growing up.

When I was 5ish or so, after my family and I had moved to California, I'd go over to my neighbor's house and we'd play with her Barbie Dolls. Or, we'd put a t-shirt over each others heads and stuff t-shirts in our bellies. Looking back, we were both planning on shotgun weddings I guess, but childhood innocence is beautiful. There are just certain things one is sure of in one's identity from an early age. And over time, you become silently, or sometimes not so silently, aware that such behavior and expressions of being aren't socially acceptable. So you lock them away in a cove, hidden from the world, a collection of gadgets and gizmos aplenty.

As I grew older, this song took on new significance and depth. And a true longing to be where the people are, and to join them in dancing with the prerequisite legs and whatnot. Still questioning what's a fire and why does it burn, neverminding any allusions to passion and desire.

And so, here we are at a song I've been singing to myself as its own form of self-care since I was 4ish. You may ask, clearly she knew how to read and write, why didn't she just write Eric a letter. But before we get to that, we have a song that I think we can all identify with.

My favorite version is by Jessie J, which she worked with David Foster to record for We Love Disney. No, there's nothing wrong with the original, but I always love a good reinterpretation, and Jessie J's vocals fit this song wonderfully in capturing the longing and desire.

At this stage in my life, the song has a different meaning. I no longer feel like I'm longing to belong. I feel like I do. But, if you dear reader ever feel as if you don't, hopefully, this song helps a bit.

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