Seed & Spark Launch on Tuesday!

Dear Duchy,

We launch our crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday. It has been a long work in the making. At the beginning of this year, Brandon and I sat down and looked at the script, and starting making notes to get this project going.

We met at the shop. We met at Mezcalitos. We met at his house. We had a viewing of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil at my house. We met even more at the shop. We’ve had months long worth of discussion on Facebook Messenger (the easiest way to communicate between phone and computer). We had polls go out to figure out when we could meet for a staged reading. We had polls going out to see when we could do a reading for ourselves. We have had all of us involved in the One-Minute Play Fest, and directing other shows, and being cast in other shows, and performing in other shows. Auditions. Meeting with potential crew members. Making new friends and allies in businesses and other production companies. Tears. Fears. Joy. Feeling incredulous. Humility. And I feel like that doesn’t even capture a tenth of it.

1st table read for the Duchess of Grant Park.

It’s all been leading up to the next few weeks, when cameras go up. We have our first filming day on the 14th of September. We’re in the finalizing stages, locking in pages and shot list. We’re all excited, and nervous. But mainly excited.

We have an incredible goal before us. $5,200. That’s the number that gets us green-lit by @Seed&Spark. $6,500 makes sure all of our behind the camera people get paid. $7,500 lets us ensure our crew is fed, permits are paid for/reimbursed, and insurance is paid for/reimbursed. And anything beyond that allows us to pay down debts for costumes, set builds, set decoration, and go towards post-production costs and festival costs.

Personally, I’ve put all my chips on this project. I believe in it. And it is stressful, but I went and got all of my chips, and put them on me. I’m betting on myself. And by myself I mean the people who have endeavored to help me bring this project to life. The reason I say I’ve gone all in on myself is that this is the first time I’ve gone all in on myself: I’m betting on me. I hope, if you're ever given the chance, you'll put all the chips on yourself too.

I’ve gone all in because of my tribe, my community. This has been a community project from the beginning. What started out as a micro-short while working with Critical Crop Top has built into a 20 minute short film. And every step of the way, the people in my tribe have been supportive. Have been encouraging. Have listened to my doubts and fears. Have shown excitement as this project has built. Friends and people in the community have been so supportive from this project’s inception I felt overwhelmed with humility and gratitude the night of the reading. The night of the reading, I saw the community’s response to the story, and to the story behind the story, and I was moved. I had no choice but to bow in deference to their reception of this deeply personal short film.

Even though this is a short film, it’s a short film in the sense that it’s less than 40 minutes, according to the requirements for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science. More commonly known as the Oscars. It’s a four day shoot. There are 5 locations - Grant Park, Oakland Cemetery, Studio Vosges in the back of A-1 Blueprint, my house, and Melissa and Brian’s house. That’s not even including the pick-up shot locations.


We launch our crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday. We’re nervous. I’m nervous. But I’m hopeful. So, how can you help? Share our project as much as you can! If we can get 65 people to contribute $100, we’d meet our goal. 130 people donating $50 would do the same. And 260 contributing $25 would do it as well. We’ve got some great perks lined up, and I know you’re already following along here but if you follow us on our Seed & Spark campaign you’ll help us unlock some production perks as well!

Visit our preview for our Seed & Spark campaign, and check out some of the great incentives we’re offering. There’s opportunities for photo shoots, tiaras and crowns, and tea with the Duchess! And click that follow button on our page! You'll receive all the updates as we get our production going!

Even if you’re unable to contribute monetarily, every single share, like, tweet, follow helps us! Spread the word. Forward an email!

I hope you’ll be one of the 65, 130, or one of the 260! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


The Duchess of Grant Park

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