Your Post-Humous Dress Poetry Reading and Fashion Show!

Before Saturday, I’d not had the fortune of meeting Ms. Pence in person, but through our correspondences and in reading her poetry I was able to get to know a part of her. A wonderful part. A magnificent and truly magical part. My favorite people are poets; there is a sensitivity to poets that is unlike other artists. If one is lucky, an actor is also a poet, but that is another post for another day. Because Saturday was wonderful.

I had the great fortune of meeting the other artists and poets and friends to walk in this show and read her poems that evening. To meet her daughter, a beautiful spirit! To see another mother and daughter participating in the show, and the special love shared between the two as they shared this event together. To have the chance to meet a denizen of the Duchy! To meet what felt like Athena herself, and who went home with a Tiara that evening; she was person extraordinaire. Ms. Jade sprang into action, helping with makeup, taking tickets and then pouring drinks for guests. To remeet and get to talk to Rupert, and discuss our mutual friend. Andrea. Teri. Margaret. Jennifer. John. I know I’m forgetting someone. I not only got to meet wonderful people that evening but to be surrounded by their beauty and light! Saturday was magical. Saturday was just a day.

And then, for Ms. Pence to inform us that we raised over $500 for Shatterproof, I am beyond words. I am beyond words. As the Duchess, my mission is to do good in my part of the world. To make a difference, no matter how great or small, but to just leave an impact of some kind. It is why our day of filming the scene in Grant Park of us crowning children remains seared in my memory. And why Saturday will remain so as well. Because I felt in the service of others. I felt as though I did good. I hope I was in service to Ms. Pence and to the beneficiaries of Shatterproof. Because, when I step into the Duchess I am of service. And I felt as though I was of service.And you can be of service too still by visiting Your Post-Humous Dress's page for Shatterproof!

On another note, if I may speak to the process of transitioning - how wonderful. Just how wonderful. There is dysphoria and there is euphoria. My dysphoria is usually internal, but my euphoria almost always comes from a feeling of belonging. Not only was Saturday evening an evening of being of service to others, but it also felt like a sense of belonging and inclusion. Of not needing to define myself but to simply exist. Having the space to exist, in whatever form, is possibly the greatest gift one can give to another, and costs nothing but being open and sharing space.

The largest of congratulations must be awarded to Ms. Pence for putting all of Saturday's events together. It is no small feat to organize anything. But to put together a fashion show, and a poetry reading, with the need of hats, makeup, hair, rehearsals, music queues, ensuring refreshments and snacks are available; it can be daunting. And she did it with such grace.

The fact that Ms. Pence allowed me to close out the show was a great honor, and I did not want to let her down. I hope I did her poem justice.

You can purchase her chapbook Your Post-Humous Dress at Dancing Girl Press!

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