Private Tea with the Duchess

Private Tea with the Duchess


Private tea with The Duchess at her favorite bakery and Cafe, Bakerdude Bakery Cafe. You're welcome to bring one additional person at no extra cost. 

  • Use of Funds

    As of now, this is a special product that is in effect a contribution to our fundraising endeavor. All funds being raised will be used to offset costs incurred during production, upcoming post-production, and festival submissions. For more information, we invite you to visit our Fundraising and Financials section. 

  • Time and Availability.

    A representative from Her Grace (or, if she is able to Her Grace Herself) will reach out to you to schedule a time that is convenient for both parties. Her Grace aims to schedule within two weeks time of your contribution.

  • Atlanta Area

    Afternoon tea time does not include travel or accomodation. However, if you are making a trip to Atlanta or have plans to be in the Atlanta area, the Duchess is happy to coordinate tea with your time in our fair city and our fair duchy.