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Written by Ava Davis

Directed by Brandon Mitchell

Ava Davis as The Duchess of Grant Park

Jon Vertullo as James

Nicole Kemper as Lisa

Jasmine Waters as Roberta

Hillary R. Heath as Beatrice

Laura Meyers as Carol the Neighbor

Brian Ashton Smith as Duane the Jogger

Melissa Kemper as Naomi the Jogger

Grace Pillsbury as Lily

About The Film

The Duchess of Grant Park is partly a love story about the neighborhood of Grant Park, and partly a story about finding one’s purpose. The Duchess declares Grant Park as her duchy. James, a journalist making a documentary, has chosen the Atlanta character of The Duchess although he knows nothing about her. Through the course of the story, James learns more about the Duchess, her history, and her connection to the neighborhood.

The Story Behind

The Story

This is a story that started off as a light micro-short, with the Duchess as a one dimensional character. But, after sitting with the character for a while, I began to want to know her story and how she came to become who she was. 

I think the story, and the respect that the Duchess doesn’t demand but instead accepts is in part an analogy for the transition stories for many transgendered persons. The decision to use, or not to use, the Duchess’ title and acceptance of the status is similar to men and women who have transitioned and deserve to be addressed accordingly. 

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